Twi Expressions for Love and Romance

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The season of love is fast-approaching. Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Many all over the world will be expressing how much they love and cherish the people in their lives, in different languages. So, I thought this may be the perfect time to do a lesson on love and romance.

Below, I list a number of Twi expressions relating to love and romance. Let’s show some love!

Twi Expressions for Love and Romance



Love (noun)

Love (verb)

Medɔ woI love you
Mennɔ woI don’t love you
Se pɛPropose (love)
Se no pɛPropose (love) to her/him
Mafe woI miss you
Mepɛ w’asɛm/M’ani gye wo hoI like you
Mehia woI need you
Akoma mu tɔfe (literally: heart inside candy, candy of the heart)Sweetheart
M’akomam’ tɔfeMy sweetheart
Me dɔ wiaseThe love of my life
Ɔdɔ paGood love
Ɔdɔ kannTrue love
Mɛware woI will marry you
Wobɛware me?Will you marry me?
Medɔ wo nko araI love you only
Woabue biribi so akyerɛ meYou’ve opened/uncovered something for my viewing
Mentumi nnaI can’t sleep
Mɛwu ama woI will die for you
Wobɛku meYou will kill me
Wo ne m’anigyeɛYou are my happiness
Wo ne me wiaseYou are my world
Me wiase nyinaa ne woMy whole world is you
Woma m’ani gyeYou make me happy
Wo kuta m’akoma mu safoaYou hold the key to my heart
M’akoma bɔ ma woMy heart beats for you
Mɛdɔ wo kɔpem me wudaI will love you till my dying day
Mɛdɔ wo afebɔɔI will love you forever/eternally
Wo nko ara na mepɛYou are the only one I want
Fa kyɛ meForgive me
Mɛnte m’akomaDon’t break/tear my heart
Mɛnnaadaa meDon’t deceive me
Mɛnyi me mmaDon’t betray me
Wodɔ me?Do you love me?
Mɛgyegye wo soI will pamper you
Gyegye me soPamper me
Woama me tiri mu yɛ me dɛYou have made me swollen-headed
Sɛ manhyia wo a, nka mɛyɛ deɛn?If I hadn’t met you, what would I have done?
Me bibiniMy African/black person (‘bibini (African/black person)’ here is used to signify beauty)
Me buroniMy white person (‘buroni (white person)’ here is used to signify beauty)
Wo ho yɛ fɛYou are beautiful
Wo ho yɛ me fɛYou are beautiful to me
Me nipadua yɛ wo deaMy body is yours
Fa me yɛ nea wopɛDo with me what you please
MfeanoKiss (noun)
Fe anoKiss (verb)
Fe m’anoKiss me
Sɔ me muHold me
Mma me nkɔDon’t let me go
Nnyae meDon’t leave me
DaeɛDream (noun)
So daeɛDream (verb)
DaeɛsoDreaming (gerund)
Mɛma wo daeɛ/daeɛso aba muI will make your dreams/dreaming come true
Gye me diBelieve me
Memfa w’akyi daI will never cheat on you
Woyɛ me wiase, me dɔ, ne m’adeɛ nyinaaYou are my world, my love, and my everything
Ɛkaa me nko a, nka woyɛ me yere/kunu

Left to me alone, you’d be my wife/husband

I wish you were my wife/husband

Sɛ wosere a, na mawu

When you laugh, I die



Meredwene wo ho

I’m thinking about you

Medwene wo ho da biara

I think about you every day

Wokasa a, na manane

When you speak, I melt

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