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Follow our structured, month-to-month sets of e-courses aimed at equipping you with the foundation necessary for onward practice.

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Our lessons come with PDF notes that you can download for offline learning. You can print them, and/or use them on your devices.

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Improve your reading and comprehension skills by answering a set of comprehension questions after each of our short stories and essays in our reading module.

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Track your progress on courses, lessons, and quizzes taken, easily continue from where you left off the last time, and earn points as you go.

Discussion groups

PREMIUM CONNECT members can start and/or contribute to ongoing discussions that border on different aspects of the language, and Ghana generally.


Have access to quick quizzes after each lesson set to test out your understanding of what you learned, and help you remember same.

Sample dialogues

Review our sample dialogues to reinforce what you learn in our standard lessons. Appreciate the essence of what you learn in action through our situational dialogues.


Earn a certificate when you successfully complete a course. You can download, print, frame, and hang them to encourage you on. Please read disclaimer in our TOS.


PREMIUM CONNECT members gain access to our international community of like-minded, motivated Twi learners, get to interact, share ideas, and make great friends.


Each lesson has a discussions section underneath where all members can ask questions to extend what they learn. PREMIUM CONNECT members get to engage in further discussions in our discussion groups.

Community-based learning

Come and learn with an international community of like-minded, motivated Twi learners from all over the world. On our platform, we learn with and from each other. Post any question on our public activity feed and receive help from Tikya Yaw and other members.  

Once you sign up, you will be able to update your profile page, add other members as friends, post to their timelines, send them private messages, tag them in your posts, start and/or contribute to ongoing discussions about the language and Ghana as a whole… all that and more while following our month-to-month sets of courses. 

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Who? Whom? Whose? in Twi

Welcome to the third lesson in the Twi question words series. If you missed any of the previous two, please click on the respective link

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