Useful Twi Phrases for Expressing Agreement

Welcome to another lesson in the MUST-KNOW TWI PHRASES series. In our last lesson in the series, we looked at some common Twi phrases that we tend to begin our opinions with.

Today, we’re looking at some Twi expressions that we can use to agree with others.

If you need help with pronunciation and structure, please watch the embedded video lesson below.

Video Lesson

Useful Twi Phrases for Expressing Agreement

me ne wo yɛ adweneI agree with you
ɛyɛ nokorɛit’s true; it’s the truth
ɛyɛ nokorɛ turodooit’s the complete truth
nokorɛ!; ampa!true!
nokorɛ no ara na woaka noit’s just the truth that you’ve said;

you’ve said the exact truth
saa pɛpɛɛpɛ!exactly so!
saa ara na m’adwene yɛ methat’s just how I feel;

I think same;

I couldn’t agree with you more
ɛno ara ne no!that’s just it!;

that’s it!

you’re right!
ɛno ara na woaka nothat’s just what you’ve said;

you’ve said it just as it is
akyinnyeɛ biara nni hothere’s no doubt about it
akyinnyegyeɛ biara nni hothere’s no doubt/arguing about it

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