LEARNAKAN.COM is a community-based e-learning website dedicated to helping you to read, write, and speak Akan, the most-spoken indigenous language in Ghana, West Africa. The site was set up in June 2016 and officially launched on July 17, 2016. 

You can learn with our free lessons, or sign up as a premium member. As a premium member, you enjoy a structured, interactive learning experience with our month-to-month sets of courses. Each course level features weekly lesson sets made up of videos, texts, quizzes, assignments, audio, downloadable PDFs for offline learning, etc. You achieve points for your efforts, and earn a certificate for each course level you complete to encourage you on. And you don’t need to worry about where you left off the last time because the platform keeps track of that for you. We have lessons on the very key aspects of the language, i.e. pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and reading.

Depending on your membership tier, you will be able to update your profile page, add other members as friends, send them private messages, post to their timelines or tag them in your posts, join various discussion groups, post to the activity feed and check out other members’ posts, take lessons, attempt quizzes, track progress, achieve points for your efforts, etc. all on this platform!

We have members from different parts of the world, with different proficiency levels. Members are encouraged to take advantage of this diverse community by building healthy relationships from the start, which will go on to foster easy private practice arrangements.

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I’m Stephen Awiba, popularly known here as YAW. I am the founder of LEARNAKAN.

I was born and grew up in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital of Ghana, where Akan (Asante Twi) is spoken as the first language.

Beyond acquiring the language from home as a child, I have also had the opportunity of studying it as a school subject at both the basic and high school levels. Again, my love for the workings of the language saw me pursuing a degree in Linguistics at the University of Ghana, taking a number of Akan-related courses. In 2014, I moved to Norway to pursue an MPhil in English Linguistics and Language Acquisition at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, graduating in 2016 with a thesis on humour in Akan dramatic discourse.

Which Dialect of Akan?

At the moment, all lessons on this website and on our YouTube channel, contents of all our books, as well as all entries of our online dictionary are on the Asante Twi dialect of the Akan language. Asante Twi is the most-spoken dialect of the Akan language. It is our ambition to broaden the scope in the future by bringing in other tutors to teach other popular dialects of Akan.