Useful Twi Phrases for Expressing Opinions

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The present lesson continues our MUST-KNOW TWI PHRASES SERIES. Thus far, we have looked at:

Today, we are continuing the series by looking at some Twi phrases that we tend to begin our opinions with.

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Twi Opinion Expressions

mesusu sɛ…I suppose that…; I suggest that…mesusu sɛ ɔbɛduru hɔ nnɔnkron
I suppose (that) he/she will get there by 9 o’clock
me nsusuiɛ ne sɛ…my opinion/suggestion is that…me nsusuiɛ ne sɛ ɔbɛba
my opinion/supposition is that he/she will come
medwene sɛ…I think that…medwene sɛ yɛntwɛn
I think (that) we should wait
m’adwene yɛ me sɛ…my thinking/thought is that…m’adwene yɛ me sɛ ɔbɛtumi ayɛ
my thinking/thought is that he/she can do it
mekaa sɛ…; mefii sɛ….I thought (that)…mekaa sɛ na wose Kofi nni fie
I thought (that) you (had) said Kofi isn’t home

na mefii sɛ ɔbɛkɔ
I (had) thought (that) he/she will go
ɛyɛ me sɛ…it seems/appears to me that…ɛyɛ me sɛ ɔntumi
it seems/appears to me that he/she can’t
mɛka sɛ…I will/would say that…mɛka sɛ yɛnto yɛn bo ase
I will/would say (that) we should be patient
ɛkaa me nko a…left to me alone…ɛkaa me nko a, nka mɛka sɛ yɛnkɔ
left to me alone, I’d say let’s go
sɛ wobisa me aif you ask me…sɛ wobisa me a, mɛka sɛ Akosua na ɔwiaa sika no
if you ask me, I would say it’s Akosua who stole the money
megye di sɛ…I believe that…megye di sɛ ɔbɛtɔn fie no
I believe (that) he/she will sell the house
menim sɛ…I know that…menim sɛ ɛnyɛ ne dea
I know (that) it’s not his/hers
sɛ mensuro aI dare say (that)…sɛ mensuro a, mɛka sɛ ɔmmu adeɛ
I dare say that he/she is disrespectful
me deɛ…as for me…me deɛ mempɛ nsekuro
as for me I don’t like gossip

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