25 Must-Know Twi Phrases for Learners and Tourists | Common Twi Expressions

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Today, we are looking at 25 must-know Twi phrases; 25 of the most common Twi phrases that you’re likely to come by while you’re in Ghana.

The phrases to be covered in this lesson should prove particularly useful to persons traveling to Ghana, and/or those who have plans of doing so in the near future.

In the embedded video lesson below, I situate some of the phrases within actual usage contexts, giving you a sense of how they sound in natural conversation settings.

Video Lesson

25 Must-Know Twi Phrases for Learners and Tourists

meda wo ase; medaasethank you
ɛte sɛn?how’s it?; how are you?
me ho yɛI am well
mepa wo kyɛw; mepaakyɛwplease
kosɛ; kafrasorry
wofiri he?where are you from?
mefiri…I’m from…
wote borɔfo?; wote potɔ kasa?do you understand English (language)?
woka borɔfo?; woka potɔ kasa?do you speak English (language)?
sɛn na yɛka … wɔ Twi mu?how do we say … in Twi?
twerɛ ma mewrite it for me
me nsa akayou’re invited (to eat with me)
mayeraI’m lost (geographically)
wobɛtumi akyerɛ me hɔ?can you show me there (the place)
wobɛtumi akɔkyerɛ me hɔ?can you take me there?; can you go and show me there?
ɛkɔm de meI’m hungry
me ho mfa meI’m not feeling well
agyananbea no wɔ he?where’s the toilet (facility)?
merehwehwɛ…I’m looking for…
ayaresabea no wɔ he?where’s the hospital?
boa me; mehia wo mmoahelp me; I need your help
nante yie
LIT.: walk well

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