10 Must-Know Twi Phrases for Learners and Tourists

You’re welcome to the second lesson in our must-know Twi phrases series. In the first one, we looked at 25 Twi phrases to help you, as a learner or tourist, get by easily the next time that you happen to be in Ghana. If you missed that lesson, please click here to go check it out.

Today, we’re following up on the first one with 10 more phrases.

Video Lesson

10 Must-Know Twi Phrases for Learners and Tourists

NB: The extra phrases used in the video lesson to explain some of the main phrases covered in the lesson are added in the list below. So, the list below will be more than the 10 phrases in the title.

wose?pardon; what did you say?
wose deɛn?what did you say?
ka no biosay it again
ti murepeat
ɛnyɛ hweeit’s nothing; no worries
ɛho nhiait’s not important; it’s not necessary
mehia woI need you
menhia woI don’t need you
ɛnha wo hodon’t worry yourself
woha me dodoyou worry me too much
ɛmma no nha wodon’t let it worry you
metee wo nka akyɛit’s been long since I heard from you
mehuu wo akyɛit’s been long since I saw you
sɛɛ ntira!that explains it!; that’s why!
ma me simmagive me a minute
woredi agorɔ!you’re kidding!; joking!; you’ve got to be kidding me!

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