11 Must-Know Twi Phrases for Learners and Tourists

This is the third lesson in our must-know Twi phrases series. The first one covered 25 phrases, which you’ll find here. In the second one, we looked at 10 more Twi phrases. You’ll find the second lesson here.

Let’s look at 11 more essential Twi phrases in today’s lesson.

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11 Must-Know Twi Phrases for Learners and Tourists

nya aboterɛ

si aboterɛ
have patience; be patient
Awurade Nyankopɔn!

agya waadwo!
Oh my God!; Oh my goodness!
wo tiri nkwalucky you
kɔ so ara na kɔ sokeep on keeping on
woayɛ adeɛ!you’ve done well!
sɛn na yɛka …. wɔ Twi mu?

sɛn na wɔka …. wɔ Twi mu?
how do we say …. in Twi?
woanya me!you’ve got me!; you sold me!
ɛkɔm de meI’m hungry
ɛmfa hoit doesn’t matter
ɛmfa me hoI don’t care; it doesn’t concern me
mabrɛI’m tired

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