2 Ways to Ask “Where?” in Twi

This is the fifth lesson in the series on Twi question words. Thus far, we’ve had a lesson each on the introduction, 4 ways to ask “what?” in Twi, how to ask “who?”, “whom?” and “whose?” in Twi, and 2 ways to ask “why?” in Twi.

In today’s lesson, we are looking at two ways to ask “where?” in Twi. You may click on the links below to directly go check out the individual lessons in the series:

Video Lesson

Two Ways to Ask “Where?” in Twi

ɛhe?where?worekɔ he?
you are going where?

ɛhe na worekɔ?
where are you going?

wofiri he?
you are from where?

ɛhe na wofiri?
where are you from?
(which side?)
ɛhefa na wofiri?
where are you from?

wofiri hefa?
you are from where?

ayaresabea no wɔ hefa?
the hospital is (located) where?

ɛhefa na ayaresabea no wɔ?
where is the hospital (located)?

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