Who? Whom? Whose? in Twi

Welcome to the third lesson in the Twi question words series. If you missed any of the previous two, please click on the respective link below to go check it out:

Today, we’re looking at the question words “who?”, “whom?”, and “whose?” in Twi. We are exploring these three question words in a single lesson because we use one Twi word for all three.

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Who?, Whom?, and Whose? in Twi



wo dɔfo ne hwan?
your lover is who?

hwan ne wo dɔfo?
who is your lover?

wonoaa aduane no maa hwan?
you cooked the food for whom?

hwan na wonoaa aduane no maa no?
whom did you cook the food for?

hwan aduane na wodiiɛ?
whose food did you eat?

wodii hwan aduane?
you ate whose food?

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