2 Ways to Ask “Why?” in Twi

Thus far in the TWI QUESTION WORDS series, we have looked at:

The present lesson is the fourth in the series. We are looking at two ways to ask “Why?” in Twi.

If you need help with pronunciation, please watch the embedded video lesson below.

Video Lesson

Two Ways to Ask “Why?” in Twi

adɛn?why?adɛn na worehwɛ me saa?
why are you looking at me like that?

worebɔ wa dodo, adɛn?
you are coughing too much, why?
deɛn nti?why?
(because of what?)
deɛn nti na woforoo dua no?
why did you climb the tree?

deɛn nti na Kofi ne Ama awareɛ no guiɛ?
why did Kofi and Ama’s marriage dissolve?

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