2 Ways to Ask “When?” in Twi

The present lesson is the seventh in the series on Twi Question Words. Thus far, we’ve had a video each on the introduction, 4 ways to ask “what?” in Twi, how to ask “who?“, “whom?” and “whose?” in Twi, 2 ways to ask “why?”, “where?”, and “which?” in Twi.

Today, we’re continuing the series with two ways to ask “when?” in Twi.

If you need help with pronunciation, please watch the embedded video lesson below.

Video Lesson

Two Ways to Ask “When?” in Twi

berɛ bɛn?when?
what time?
ɔbaa berɛ bɛn?
he/she came when?

berɛ bɛn na ɔbaeɛ?
when did he/she come?

ɔfirii ha berɛ bɛn?
he/she left here when?

berɛ bɛn na ɔfirii ha?
when did he/she leave here?
da bɛn?when?
what day?
ɔbɛtu kwan da bɛn?
he/she will travel when?

da bɛn na ɔbɛtu kwan?
when will he/she travel?

ɔdɔ bɛba da bɛn?
love will come when?

da bɛn na ɔdɔ bɛba?
when will love come?

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