How? How Old? How Much? How Many? in Twi

Today’s lesson completes our series on Twi question words. We’ve, thus far, had a lesson each on the introduction, 4 ways to ask “what?” in Twi, how to ask “who?“, “whom?” and “whose?” in Twi, 2 ways to ask “why?”, “where?”, “which?”, and “when?” in Twi.

In this final lesson, we are looking at how to ask “how?”, “how old?”, “how much?”, and “how many?” in Twi.

I consider this series a very important one for all learners of Twi. Having a grasp over all the question words we’ve covered up to this point will help you to be able to ask questions here and there. I therefore encourage you to go over the lessons in the series one more time, and try to form a question with each question word.

Video Lesson

Two Ways to Ask “Where?” in Twi

sɛn?how?ɛkɔɔ sɛn?
it went how?

sɛn na ɛkɔeɛ?
how did it go?

sɛn na yɛyɛ no?
how do we do it?
ɛkwan bɛn so?how?
in what way?
ɛkwan bɛn so na wofaa so huu me?
how did you see/find me?
sɛn?how much?bayerɛ no yɛ sɛn?
the yam is how much?

kwadu no boɔ yɛ sɛn?
the banana(‘s price) is how much?
dodoɔ sɛn?how many?wowɔ mma dodoɔ sɛn?
you have how many children?

wo nuanom yɛ dodoɔ sɛn?
your siblings are how many?
mfeɛ sɛn?how old?woadi mfeɛ sɛn?
you’ve attained how many years?

Kwabena adi mfeɛ sɛn?
Kwabena has attained how many years?

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