Twi Question Words | Twi Grammar

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We listed a number of Twi grammar terms in our last lesson, lesson 37 of the Twi grammar course.

Today’s lesson focuses on Question Words in Twi. We are listing the various words used to ask questions in Twi. It is worth noting that we are listing these question-asking words from a more general perspective. If you are looking to read about, for instance, Twi interrogative pronouns, you may click here.

This should be a very short lesson; I hope it proves useful.





hwan na ɔdii aduane no?

(who ate the food?)

wode safoa no maa hwan?

(you gave the key to whom?)

hwan akonnwa nie?

(whose chair is this?)




deɛn ne wo haw?

(what is your worry?)

wo din de sɛn?

(your name is what? (what is your name?))


deɛn nti?


adɛn na woresu?

(why are you crying?)

woasesa wo din. Adɛn?

(you have changed your name. Why?)

deɛn nti na woayɛ komm?

(why have you gone quiet?)




ɛhe/ɛhefa na wote?

(where do you stay?)

afuo no wɔ he?

(the farm is where? (where is the farm))

ɛkwan bɛn so?



ɛkwan bɛn so na wofaa so huu me?

(how did you find me)

w’akwamma no kɔɔ sɛn?

(your vacation went how? (how did your vacation go?)

berɛ bɛn?when?

berɛ bɛn na wowareeɛ?

(when did you marry?)

wodaa berɛ bɛn?

(you slept when? (when did you sleep?))



ɛmu deɛ ɛwɔ he?



deɛhe/ɛmu deɛ ɛwɔ he na wopɛ?

(which one do you want/like?)

ɔfaa deɛhe/ɛmu deɛ ɛwɔ he?

(he/she took which? (which did he/she take?))

aduane bɛn na wodiiɛ?

(which food did you eat?)

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