Twi Interrogative Pronouns | Twi Grammar

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In order to be able to ask questions in Twi, just as is the case in other languages, you’ll need to know about a special set of pronouns known as interrogative pronouns.

Interrogative pronouns, as their name suggests, are those used to ask questions.

Important Note

It is very important that you do not confuse interrogative pronouns and interrogative adjectives/determiners. The same set of wh words are used as interrogative pronouns and interrogative adjectives, but they differ in function.

Interrogative adjectives, as adjectives, are used to modify nouns. On the other hand, interrogative pronouns, as pronouns, replace nouns.

Let’s differentiate between them with some examples

what car is this?what is this?
which book did you read?which did you read?
Kofi gave her what answer?Kofi gave her what?

Twi Interrogative Pronouns






Usage Examples

deɛn na wopɛ?what do you want/like?
woredi deɛn?you’re eating what?
deɛhe na wofaeɛ?which did you take?
wopamm deɛhe?you sewed which (one)?
hwan na ɔdii aduane no?who ate the food?
wode maa hwan?you gave it to whom?
ɛhe na worekɔ?where are you going?
worekɔ he?you’re going where?
ɛte sɛn?it is like how?; how is it?
sɛn na ɛteɛ?how is it like?

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