I’ve Missed You, I Need You, I Love You in Twi | Twi Love Phrases

We’ve looked at how to say please, welcome and thank you in Twi, how to say yes, no and sorry in Twi, how to greet good morning, good afternoon and good evening in Twi and some Twi season’s greetings.

We are all about love today. How do we say I’ve missed you, I need you and I love you in Twi? These are three of the most common Twi expressions that people say to their loved ones. So, join me as we find out not just their Twi equivalents but the proper way of saying each of them.

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Video Lesson

I’ve Missed You, I Need You, I Love You in Twi

I’ve missed you

Mafe wo

Me nso mafe wo (I’ve also missed you)

I need you

Mehia wo

Me nso mehia wo (I also need you)

Saa? (Really?)

I love you

Medɔ wo

Me nso medɔ wo (I also love you)

Mennɔ wo (I don’t love you)

Sample Dialogue

Kofi: Ama, mafe wo papa.

Kofi: Ama, I’ve really missed you.

Ama: Saa? Me nso mafe wo.

Ama: Really? I’ve missed you too.

Kofi: Ama, mewɔ biribi ka kyerɛ wo oo.

Kofi: Ama, I have something to tell you.

Ama: Ɛfa deɛn ho?

Ama: What is it about?

Kofi: Medɔ wo.

Kofi: I love you.

Ama: O Kofi, kosɛ. Mennɔ wo.

Ama: Oh Kofi, sorry. I don’t love you.

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