Yes, No, Sorry in Twi | Common Twi Expressions

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You are welcome to the second video lesson under the Common Twi Expressions series. In our last video, we learnt about how to properly say please, welcome and thank you in Twi.

In today’s video, I show you how to say yes, no and sorry in Twi. Like I mentioned in our first video, each lesson in the series will focus on just a few expressions in order to give you enough time to get their pronunciation right.

Let’s get to it.









Usage Examples

aane (yes)

1. Woadidi?

    Have you eaten?


2. Wofiri Ghana?

     Are you from Ghana?


3. Woate aseɛ?

     Have you understood?


dabi (no)

4. Woate aseɛ?

    Have you understood?


5. Wote Twi?

     Do you understand Twi?


6. Memma wo nsuo?

     Should I give you water?


kosɛ/kafra (sorry)

7. Me nua, kosɛ.

    My sibling (brother/sister), sorry.

8. Woahwere w’agya? Kosɛ.

     You’ve lost your dad? Sorry.

9. Ɛyɛ ya. Kafra.

     It is painful. Sorry.

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