How to Respond to a “Thank You” in Twi

Onua (Brother/Sister)

Wo ho te sɛn? (How are you?)

Me nso me ho yɛ (I’m also well)

In our previous lesson, we learned some common Twi phrases used to thank and appreciate people.

Let’s follow up on that lesson with one on how to respond to a “thank you” and other appreciation messages in Twi.

Be sure to watch the embedded video below to help you with pronunciation, and to build your vocabulary.

Video Lesson

me nso meda wo aseI also thank you (singular)
yɛn nso yɛda wo asewe also thank you (singular)
me nso meda mo aseI also thank you (plural)
me nso medaaseI also thank (you)
ɛnna asedon’t thank; no need to thank
aseda nni hɔthere’s no thanks(giving); no need to thank
me ne wo nni asedayou and I don’t do/owe each other thanks(giving)
ɛnyɛ hweeit’s nothing
ɛyɛ me anigyeɛ sɛ metumi boaa woI’m happy I was able to help you; happy to have been of help to you
ɛyɛ me anigyeɛ sɛ metumi boaeɛI’m happy I was able to help; happy to have been of help
yɛmfa aseda no mma Awurade/Nyankopɔn/Nyame/Yehowalet’s give God the thanks
aseda yɛ Awurade/Nyankopɔn/Nyame/Yehowa deathanks(giving) is the Lord’s
aseda yɛ Ɔbɔadeɛ no deathanks(giving) is the Creator’s
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