How to Thank and Appreciate People in Twi

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Ɔdɔfoɔ (beloved).

Mema wo akwaaba (I welcome you).

Ɛte sɛn? (how’s it?)

This lesson explores a number of ways by which we can thank and appreciate people for what they’ve done for us, in Twi.

By the end of this lesson, you will not only be able to say the very common “meda wo ase” correctly; you will also learn a few other not-so-common Twi appreciation messages.

Be sure to watch the embedded video below to help you with pronunciation, and to build your vocabulary.

Video Lesson

meda wo aseI thank you (singular)
meda mo aseI thank you (plural)
yɛda wo asewe thank you (singular)
yɛda mo asewe thank you (plural)
medaaseI thank (you); thanks
yɛdaasewe thank (you); thanks
medaase piiI thank (you) a lot; thanks a lot
yɛdaase piiwe thank (you) a lot; thanks a lot
woaboa me pa ara, medaaseyou’ve helped me a lot, thanks
wo yam yɛ pa ara, medaaseyou’re very kind, thanks
m’ani sɔ …I appreciate …
m’ani sɔ w’akyɛdeɛ noI appreciate your gift
m’ani sɔ wo mmoa noI appreciate your help
m’ani asɔ …I’ve appreciated …
m’ani asɔ wo mmoa noI’ve appreciated your help
mede wo aseda kaI owe you thanks(giving)
mede nnaaseɛ a ɛnni kabea ma woI give you unquantifiable thanks
nea woayɛ no som me bo, medaaseI value what you’ve done, thanks
Awurade nhyira wo

Nyame nhyira wo

Onyankopɔn nhyira wo

Yehowa nhyira wo
God bless you
sɛ adeɛ kye na (wote sɛ) akokɔ rebɔn kokurokoo a, na ɛyɛ me na mereda wo aseIf you hear the chicken crow in the morning, it’s me thanking you.

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