Must-Know Twi Vocabulary for Telling the Time

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Abusuafoɔ mema mo nyinaa afenhyia pa! Afe sɛsɛɛ na mote Akan kasa no kyɛn me mpo (Family, I wish you all a Merry Christmas! (My wish for you is that) A year from now you’ll be more fluent in the Akan language than I am).

I do hope you’re making progress.

In the lesson on Numbering in Akan (Twi) | How to Count in Akan (Twi), I mentioned that the knowledge acquired from that lesson will prove useful in a later lesson on how to tell the time in Twi.

Before we learn to tell the time though, let’s take a look at some time-telling vocabulary. Your knowledge of these vocabulary items, together with your ability to count in Twi, will ensure that you grasp the concept of Twi time telling more quickly when we tackle that in future lessons.

Video Lesson

Twi Time-Telling Vocabulary

berɛ (plural: mmerɛ)time
abɔ sɛn?what’s the time (literally: it’s struck what?)
abɔit’s struck
dɔn (plural: nnɔn)o’clock
apa hopast/after
aka… na abɔit’s left with… to strike
anɔpamorning (a.m.)
awiaberɛafternoon (p.m.)
anwummerɛevening (p.m.)

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