What to Call Your Husband/Boyfriend in Twi

We have, in a previous lesson, looked at some cute terms that you can use to call the people that you love. While I did not set out to compile a list that targeted mainly at the female gender in that lesson, it pretty much came out as such. If you missed that lesson, please click here to go check it out.

Today’s lesson is a part two to that lesson. This time around, we are focusing on some affectionate terms in Twi that you can use to refer to your husband or boyfriend.

Video Lesson

Twi Terms of Endearment II

me wiasemy world
me dɔ my love
me dɔ wiasethe love of my world
me wuramy husband (lit: my owner)
me kunumy husband
okunu pagood husband
m’ade pamy good thing
me biribiaramy everything
me bibinimy African/black person; handsome
me buronimy Caucasian/white person; handsome
me bibini-buronimy African-Caucasian; handsome
me henemy king
m’ahoɔfɛmy handsome
akoma mu tɔfe; akomam tɔfesweetheart
m’akomam tɔfemy sweetheart
m’anigyeɛmy happiness
me botantimmy solid rock
m’aborɔdwomaamy potato
m’aborɔbɛmy pineapple

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