Human Sounds Twi Vocabulary

We looked at the Twi names of some occupations in our last lesson. I am hoping you have familiarised yourself with all those occupational terms. Would you be able to tell from memory what the Twi name of a doctor is? How about a driver? A blacksmith? Good!

Let’s follow up on that lesson with one on human sounds: to sneeze, cough, belch, etc.

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Human Sound-Producing Vocabulary

hwemblow the nose
bɔ wa (noun: ɛwa)cough
tee sopant
tea mu; teamscream/shout
gu ahomekokoɔsigh
hwa nkorɔmosnore
bɔ hwerɛmawhistle

Usage examples

Below, I use the above-listed vocabulary in some sentential examples.

1. Ama nomm nsuo kuruwa ma ɛna ɔkeesu

     Ama drank a cupful of water and belched

2. Yɛresu koraa a, yɛgyae hwem (a saying)

     Even when we’re crying, we pause to blow our noses

3. Kofi bɔ wa dodo

     Kofi coughs a lot

4. Kɔterekɔ sii no

     He/she got hiccups

5. Wo trɔsa no ate; mmɔfra no resere wo

     Your trousers are torn; the kids are laughing at you

6. Mframa nni dan no mu nti Ama retee so

     There isn’t air in the room so Ama is panting

7. Sɛ wowɔ ha a, tea mu!

     If you’re here, scream/shout!

8. Atɛnnidie no nyinaa akyi no, Amakye guu ahomekokoɔ kɔeɛ

     After all the insults, Amakye sighed and left

9. Akosua de takra faa Kofi hwene ano maa no nwansi

     Akosua passed a feather at the tip of Kofi’s nose and caused him to sneeze

10. Ɔbaa a ɔhwa nkorɔmo

     A woman who snores

11. Mabɔ hwerɛma afrɛ ɔbaa no

     I have whistled to call the woman (I called the woman with a whistle)

12. Adɛn na worehram saa?

     Why are you yawning like that?

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