Twi Short Story | Adekyeeɛ Mu Nsɛm | Part Three | With English Translation

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Mpɔtam korɔ yi ara mu na na aberanteɛ hoɔfɛfoɔ bi te a na dodoɔ no ara frɛ no ‘Obiarabɛwu’. Wɔkyerɛ mu a, na aberanteɛ yi abɛbɔ bra anya sika pɛn pa ara. Ne sikanya mu nyinaa no, na Obiarabɛwu brɛ ne ho ase yie, na na ne yam yɛ nso. Sɛ woyɛ akwadaa o, opanin o, na Obiarabɛwu de obuo ma wo. Sɛ wo ho kyere wo nso na sɛ ɔwɔ bi a, ɔpɛ ntɛm ba wo mmoa.

(In this same community lived a handsome young man whom many used to call ‘Obiarabɛwu’. They explain that this young man had once made much money for himself. Despite his wealth, Obiarabɛwu was very humble, and kind. Whether you’re young or old, Obiarabɛwu showed you respect. If you’re in need too and he has, he’s quick to help you.)

Mmaa pɛ sokoo. Megyedi sɛ woate saa asɛm yi pɛn. Na aberanteɛ hoɔfɛfoɔ a sika da ne ho saa deɛ, ɔbaa bɛn na ɔmpɛ? M’adamfo no se, ankyɛ koraa na mmaa ahodoɔ firii aseɛ de wɔn ho hyehyɛɛ Obiarabɛwu. Ɛmu atenten ne ntiantia, akɛsefoɔ ne ateatea, ɛsɛ w’ani na ɛnsɛ wo kakyerɛ.

(Women like rosy lifestyles. I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before. So, which lady wouldn’t want such a handsome wealthy young man? My friend says, it didn’t take too long before different kinds of women began ‘pushing themselves on’ Obiarabɛwu. Amongst them the tall and short ones, the plump and slim ones, you should’ve seen it for yourself, you shouldn’t be told.)

Na Obiarabɛwu nyɛ nipa a ɔyɛ basabasa. Sɛ ɛbɛyɛ na ɔnhwe ase nti, ɔyii mmaa yi mu baako waree no. Awareɛ no akyiri no, Obiarabɛwu yii ɔdɔ turodoo kyerɛɛ ne yere; ne yere no nso maa Obiarabɛwu hunuu sɛ ɔdɔ no yie.

(Obiarabɛwu wasn’t someone who lived a reckless lifestyle. To ensure that he doesn’t fall morally, he chose one lady out of the lot and married her. After the marriage, Obiarabɛwu showed true love to his wife; his wife also made Obiarabɛwu see that she loved him dearly.)

Ɛsiane ɔdɔ ne gyidie a na Obiarabɛwu wɔ wɔ ne yere mu nti no, na agyapadeɛ biara a ɔbɛyɛ no, ɔyɛ no wɔ ne yere din mu. Afie ahodoɔ a ɔsisiiɛ, ahyɛn ahodoɔ a ɔtotɔeɛ, nnwuma ahodoɔ a ɔbuebueeɛ, ɔyɛɛ ne nyinaa ne yere din mu. Na ne nnamfonom ne n’abusuafoɔ bebree no ara bo nnwo deɛ Obiarabɛwu reyɛ no so koraa nanso obi awareɛ mu nsɛm deɛ, yɛnka no pii.

Because of the love and trust that Obiarabɛwu had in his wife, he documented all his property in her name. The different houses that he built, the different vehicles that he bought, the different companies that he opened, he documented all in his wife’s name. Many of his friends and family members were not too pleased with what Obiarabɛwu was doing but we can only say much about someone’s marital affairs.

Mɛtoa so.

I’ll continue

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