Twi Short Story | Adekyeeɛ Mu Nsɛm | Part Two | With English Translation

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Na woammisa me sɛ ɛduru anwummerɛ na sɛ Marlay rekɔda a, nnoɔma bebrebe no nyinaa ɔyɛ no dɛn? Hmm…

But you didn’t ask me about what Marlay did to the many clothes when he was about to retire to bed? Hmm…

Bɛyɛ sɛ anwummerɛ nnɔnsia ne fa deɛ, na Marlay awie n’aporɔbɔ abɛduru faako a ɔda no. Ɔbɛduru nso deɛ, na wayɛ sɛ dan; sei kakrakaa. Afei, ɔde aboterɛ bɛyiyi ntaadeɛ no mmaako mmaako asum no fam hɔ kɔpem sɛ no nyinaa bɛsa wɔ ne ho. Ɔwie a, na afei ɔde n’adagya saa ara apue akɔpɛ biribi adi, ansa na wabɛda. Sɛ ɔpue saa sɛ ɔrekɔpɛ biribi adi a, saa mmerɛ no na wɔn a Marlay wiaa wɔn nnoɔma a wɔn ani nwu asɛm no, tutu ammirika bɛtasetase wɔn ntadeɛ a ɛwom. Marlay deɛ, sɛ wobɛba abɛyi wo deɛ a ɛwom o, sɛ wommɛyi o, ɛmfa ne ho koraa. Ɔno deɛ ɔdaase sɛ adeɛ akye na w’asim akɔpɛ ntadeɛ afoforɔ.

Around 6:30 in the evening, Marlay would’ve finished his daily rounds/roaming and gotten back to where he sleeps. By the time he gets back too, he’ll be like a house; so big. Then, he’ll patiently take off the dresses one after the other and heap them on the floor till none is left on him. After this, he’ll set off in his nakedness to find something to eat, before he comes back to sleep. When he’s out scavenging for food, that’s the time when those whose clothes were stolen by Marlay in the day, and who know no shame, run to pick theirs out of the heap. As for Marlay, whether you’ll come for yours or not, he doesn’t care at all. The only thing he cares about is to wake up the next morning and set off to pick new clothes.

Na yeinom nyinaa rekɔ so no, na adeɛ soronko bi wɔ hɔ a Marlay kuta no daadaa nyinaa, berɛ biara. Sɛ ɔrekɔkyini a, ɛso no. Sɛ ɔredidi a, ɛda ne nkyɛn pɛɛ. Sɛ ɔreda a, ɛyɛ ne sumiiɛ. Na menim yie sɛ wobɛbisa sɛ ɛyɛ adeɛ bɛn. Wodi bisa. Ɛnyɛ biribiara sɛ bɔtɔ kɛseɛ bi a biribi ahyɛ mu ma na wakyekyere ano sei pampee! Menim sɛ abɔdamfoɔ pii no ara soa mmɔtɔ ahodoɔ de kyini daa nanso, m’adamfo yi a ɔkaa asɛm no kyerɛɛ me no kyerɛ sɛ, Marlay deɛ, bɔtɔ korɔ no ara na na wasoa ara mfenhyia bebree. Na sɛ wonnim na wobɛn bɔtɔ yi ho, adeɛ ayɛ wo.

While all this was going on, there was something unique that Marlay used to carry about every day, at all times. When he’s going out to roam, he’s carrying it. When he’s eating, it lies right by him. When he’s sleeping, it’s his pillow. And I know for sure that you’ll ask what it was. You’re right to ask. It’s nothing else than a very big sack, full of something, that he’s tied it so tightly! I know many mentally derailed persons carry around different sacks daily but, according to the friend who told me the story, What was unique about Marlay’s is the fact that he had carried the same sack for so many years. And woe betide you if you come close to his sack, you’ll see what will befall you.

W’asom yɛ wo dɛ oo. Wo deɛ yɛnhyia ha Dwoada. Mɛtoa so.

I can see you really enjoy listening to stories. You let’s meet here on Monday. I’ll continue.

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