Collective Nouns in Twi

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Twi nouns (edin)

Twi proper nouns (edin pa)

Twi common nouns (edin hunu)

Twi concrete nouns (deɛ yɛhunu, yɛteɛ, anaa yɛtumi sɔ mu)

Abstract nouns (adwenemudeɛ).

These are what we have looked at thus far in the series of lessons dealing with Twi nouns. We continue our series with yet another type of noun: collective nouns (deɛ ɛyɛ kuo adwuma).

What is a collective noun?

A collective noun is used to denote a group of persons, animals, places, things, or ideas. So, instead of identifying a single person, animal, place, thing, or idea, a collective noun refers to a group or a collection of items. Let’s seek further clarification in the examples below.

Examples of collective nouns in Twi

nnwantenea herd of sheep
ekuoa group
agofommaa troupe

Usage examples

1. Abusua bɔne mu yɛ tena na (a saying).

    Being/staying in a bad family is difficult.

2. Abusuadɔm.

     Family is a crowd.

3. Aban no adi yɛn hwammɔ.

     The government has disappointed us.

4. Nnwantene bɛdidi ha da biara.

     A herd of sheep feeds here every day.

5. Ekuo no agu.

     The group has dissolved.

6. Asafo no ntea mu sɛ “Onyankopɔn yɛ ɔdɔ!”.

     The congregation should shout “God is love!”.

7. Agofomma no mmɛduruiɛ.

     The troupe hasn’t arrived.

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