Concrete Nouns in Twi

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You are welcome to the fourth lesson in the series on Twi nouns. So far, we have looked at Twi nouns (edin) in general, proper nouns (edin pa) and common nouns (edin hunu).

The present lesson explores another type of nouns: concrete nouns. This should be a straightforward lesson.

What is a concrete noun?

A concrete noun is a noun that is used to refer to material objects rather than abstract qualities, states of being, or action. Concrete nouns refer to things that you can see, smell, hear, taste, and/or touch.

If you come across any noun, ask yourself if it refers to something that you can either see, smell, hear, taste, or touch. If it does refer to any such thing, you’ve got yourself a concrete noun.

Examples of concrete nouns in Twi

The list can be endless. However, to ensure that we have a concise lesson, let’s look at a few examples of concrete nouns in Twi.

nsorommastars (in the sky)
keteketrain (vehicle)

Usage examples

1. Aduane a mepɛ pa ara ne ɛmo.

     The food I like best is rice.

2. To pono no mu.

     Close the door.

3. Menni atere.

     I don’t have a spoon.

4. Adɛn na wode me sapɔ dwareeɛ?

     Why did you bath with my sponge?

5. Kofi yɛ akwadaa pa.

     Kofi is a good child.

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