Introducing Yourself in Twi | Some Basic Twi Phrases

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Hello! Now that we know how to greet in Twi, let us proceed to learn how to introduce ourselves using the same dialect of the Akan language.

I am sure this lesson will prove particularly useful to non-Akan speakers who travel to Ghana or find themselves amidst Akan speakers anywhere in the world. From this lesson, you will learn, for instance, how to tell others where you are from, tell others your name, ask if your addressee speaks English, etc. Pronouns are used frequently in this lesson so it will be advisable for anyone who does not know much about Akan pronouns to see this lesson first.

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Me din de Yaw

Wɔfrɛ me Yaw

Yɛfrɛ me Yaw

My name is Yaw

They call me Yaw

I’m called Yaw

Madi mfeɛ aduasaI’m 30 years old
Mefiri AmɛrikaI’m from America

Woka borɔfo/potɔ kasa?

Wote borɔfo/potɔ kasa?

Do you speak English

Do you understand English?


Wo din de sɛn?

Wɔfrɛ wo sɛn?

Yɛfrɛ wo sɛn?

What is your name?

How do they call you?

How do we call you?

Mete AmakomI live at Amakom
Ɛyɛ me anigyeɛ sɛ mehyiaa woɔI’m glad/pleased to have met you
Yɛhyiaeɛ akyɛIt’s been long since we last met

Wo ho te sɛn?

Ɛte sɛn?

how are you?
Ɛdeɛn na ɛrekɔ so?What’s going on?/What’s up?

Megyedi sɛ biribiara rekɔ yie

Megyedi sɛ biribiara bɔkɔɔ

I believe all is well
Onyankopɔn adom ntiBy God’s grace
Ɛmma mennye wo mmerɛ nyinaaLet me not take all your time
Adeɛ asaIt’s late (evening/night)



Manhyɛ daIt wasn’t intentional
M’ani agyeI’m happy
Me werɛ ahoI’m sad
Me bo afuI’m angry
Ɛkɔm de meI’m hungry
MayeraI’m lost (geographically)
Me ho mfa meI’m not feeling well (health-wise)
M’ani kumI’m feeling sleepy
(N)sukɔm de meI’m thirsty
Mɛdi nnansa wɔ haI will be here for three days
W’awofoɔ wɔ fie?Are your parents home?
Ka kyerɛ wo papa sɛ mebaa haTell your dad I came by
Meyɛ hɔhoɔI’m a stranger
Wobɛtumi akyerɛ me kwan a mɛfa so akɔ Kumase?Can you show me how to get to Kumasi

If  you have more to add, please leave them in the comments section below. Your comments, suggestions and queries are also welcome.

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9 thoughts on “Introducing Yourself in Twi | Some Basic Twi Phrases”

  1. Carrice Akoto-Bamfo

    I really appreciate your lessons!! My husband is Ghanaian and I’m trying to learn the Twi language. Thank you so much!!!!


  2. Dear Yaw, im very glad I found a way to learn Akan. I have a friend living in Ghana. We communicate in English but I like to learn Akan for him.

    Best regards, Monique

  3. Thank you yaw I’m half Ghanaian and My dads never got round to teaching me twi thank you it’s about time I learned

  4. angel yentumi

    Thank you yaw this helping me speak Twi my mom and dad have been forcing me to learn it so thank you for the lesson.

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