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How do you indicate possession with pronouns in Twi? How do you say, for example, that something is yours, his, hers, or theirs in Twi? Hopefully, by the end of this lesson, you will be able to say these and more.

You are welcome to the fifth lesson in the series on Twi pronouns. In this lesson, we take a look at possessive pronouns in Twi.

What is a possessive pronoun?

A possessive pronoun is a pronoun used to indicate possession. Yes, it is that simple. When a possessive pronoun is used in a construction, it shows ownership of something.

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How do we form possessive pronouns in Twi?

Do you know about Twi possessive adjectives? We will look at them in detail in a separate lesson but, for the purpose of this lesson, I will list them here: me (my), wo (your), ne (his/her), ne (its), yɛn (our), mo (your, pl.) and wɔn (their).

To form the possessive pronoun in Twi, simply add dea (own, noun), to these forms and that’s it! Why that is the case is explained with the breakdown below.

Me (my) + dea (own, noun) = me dea (my own, or simply, mine).

Wo (your) + dea (own, noun) = wo dea (your own, or simply, yours)

This means that, unlike the possessive pronouns in English, Twi possessive pronouns are represented by two words each.

List of possessive pronouns in Twi

These are the possessive pronouns we have in Twi, with their English equivalents.

me deamine (1st person singular)
wo deayours (2nd person singular)
ne deahis/hers (3rd person singular)
yɛn deaours (1st person plural)
mo deayours (2nd person plural)
wɔn deatheirs (3rd person plural)

Usage examples

The possessive pronouns underlined in the following set of examples.

1. Sika no yɛ me dea.

     The money is mine.

2. Safoa no yɛ wo dea.

     The key is yours.

3. Ɛdan no yɛ ne dea.

     The house is his/hers.

4. Kraman no yɛ yɛn dea.

     The dog is ours.

5. Adwuma no yɛ mo dea.

     The job is yours.

6. Twerɛdua no yɛ wɔn dea.

     The pen is theirs.

Again, take note of the form ne dea (his/hers).

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