Must-Know Twi Phrases to Use in Phone Conversations

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this video was filmed a while ago and, in hindsight, I need to make two points:

  • I still haven’t heard anyone use “agoo” or “huu” as “hello” over the phone. But considering the contexts within which “agoo” is used, I’m thinking – and agree with those who have made this point – that we could use that. But with language being conventional, it’ll take a collective effort to convince society to accept and use “agoo” in place of the “hɛloo” that we’ve been using. If you agree, then it starts with us.
  • “later” is “akyire yi“, not just “akyire

frɛto call
ɔfrɛcalling; call NOUN
frɛ mecall me
wofrɛɛ me?you called me?; did you call me?
wofrɛɛ me nnora?you called me yesterday?; did you call me yesterday?
aane, mefrɛɛ woyes, I called you
dabi, mamfrɛ wono, I didn’t call you
aane, mefrɛɛ wo nnorayes, I called you yesterday
dabi, mamfrɛ wo nnorano, I didn’t call you yesterday
mɛfrɛ woI will call you
mɛfrɛ wo kyenaI will call you tomorrow
mɛfrɛ wo anwummerɛ yiI will call you this evening
mɛfrɛ wo anadwo yiI will call you tonight
mefrɛ wo a, fawhen I call you, pick up
mefrɛ wo a, womfawhen I call you, you don’t pick up
hwan nie?who’s this?
Yaw niethis is Yaw
Kwadwo niethis is Kwadwo
Kwabena niethis is Kwabena
worehwehwɛ hwan?whom are you looking for?
merehwehwɛ …I’m looking for …
merehwehwɛ KwadwoI’m looking for Kwadwo
merehwehwɛ AbenaI’m looking for Abena
merehwehwɛ AmaI’m looking for Ama
merehwehwɛ YawI’m looking for Yaw
mɛtumi ne Yaw akasa?can I speak with Yaw?
mɛtumi ne Abena akasa?can I speak with Abena?
mɛtumi ne Kwabena akasa?can I speak with Kwabena?
mɛtumi ne Akwasi akasa?can I speak with Akwasi?
wapuehe/she has stepped out
ɔnni hɔhe/she is not there
Akosua na ɛrekasa yi; Akosua na ɔrekasa yithis is Akosua speaking
Yaw na ɛrekasa yi; Yaw na ɔrekasa yithis is Yaw speaking
Joseph na ɛrekasa yi; Joseph na ɔrekasa yithis is Joseph speaking
Kwabena na ɛrekasa yi; Yaw na ɔrekasa yithis is Kwabena speaking
Akosua wɔ hɔis Akosua there?
aane, ɔwɔ hayes, she/he is here
dabi, ɔnni hano, she/he isn’t here
dabi, ɔnni hɔno, she/he isn’t there
wode nkra bɛgya?will you leave a message?
agoo; hɛloohello
wote me nka?do you hear me?; can you hear me?
wote me kasa?do you hear me (my voice/speech)?
aane, meteyes, I hear
dabi, menteno, I can’t hear
aane, mete wo nkayes, I can hear you
dabi, mente wo nkano, I can’t hear you
aane, mete wo kasayes, I hear your voice/speech
dabi, mente wo kasano, I can’t hear your voice/speech
ahoma no retwitwa sithe line is breaking
w’ahoma no retwitwa siyour line is breaking
gyina yieposition yourself well; stand well
gyina sohang on; stand on
gyina so simmahang on a minute
akyire yilater

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