Top Must-Know Twi Phrases for Buying and Selling

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The present lesson covers some essential Twi expressions used in a typical buying and selling situation. If you find yourself at the market, a supermarket, a grocery store, or any place of commerce, the Twi phrases given in this lesson will prove useful.

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The lesson is divided into four parts:

  • Part 1: Buying
  • Part 2: Selling
  • Part 3: Pricing
  • Part 4: Payment

Part One: Buying

buy VERB
adetɔbuying NOUN: the act of buying
woretɔ deɛn?what are you buying?
meretɔ …I’m buying …
meretɔ esamI’m buying flour
meretɔ asikyireI’m buying sugar
meretɔ nkyeneI’m buying salt
wopɛ deɛn?what do you want?
mepɛ …I want …
mepɛ makoI want pepper
mepɛ gyeeneI want onion
wowɔ nkosua?do you have eggs?
wowɔ aborɔbɛ?do you have pineapple?
aane, mewɔ biyes, I have some
aane, yɛwɔ biyes, we have some
aane, ebi wɔ hɔyes, there is/are some available
dabi, menni bino, I don’t have some
dabi, yɛnni bino, we don’t have some
dabi, ebi nni hɔno, there isn’t/aren’t some available

Part Two: Selling

tɔnsell VERB
adetɔnselling NOUN: the act of selling
metɔn ntomaI sell clothes
metɔn nkonnwaI sell chairs
metɔn kyiniiɛI sell umbrella(s)
wotɔn mpaboa?do you sell shoes (footwear)?
wotɔn kwadu?do you sell bananas?
tɔ na tɔnbuy and sell

Part Three: Pricing

ɛboɔ; boɔprice NOUN
bɔ boɔto name a price
atufoɔ boɔretailers’ price (cheap price)
ɛyɛ sɛn?how much (is it)?
ne boɔ yɛ sɛn?how much (is its price)?
mpaboa no boɔ yɛ sɛn?how much is the price of the shoes?
ne boɔ yɛ denit’s expensive
ne boɔ yɛ den pa arait’s very expensive
ne boɔ yɛ den dodoit’s too expensive
te soreduce it (the price)
te boɔ no soreduce the price
ne boɔ yɛ den. mepa wo kyɛw te soit’s expensive. please reduce it (the price)
ɛyɛ foit’s cheap
ɛyɛ fo o!it’s super cheap!
aduane no yɛ fo o!the food is super cheap!

Part Four: Paying

tuapay VERB
tua kato pay for it (pay what’s owed)
tua ma mepay for me
mɛtuaI will pay
mentuaI won’t pay
mentumi ntuaI cannot pay
mɛtumi abɛtua (ɔ)kyena?can I come and pay tomorrow?
firito take/give on credit
fa firi megive it to me on credit

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