Some Common Twi Phrases for Ending Conversations

Mema wo akye (Good morning)

The Twi phrases covered in this lesson will prove useful in situations where you need to excuse yourself halfway within conversations.

Sometimes the conversation gets interesting, for the other party, just around the time that you’ve got to leave. With the following Twi phrases, you can end conversations without coming off as rude.

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akyire yilater
ɛnneɛ akyire yilater then; then later
yɛbɛhyiawe will/shall meet
yɛbɛhyia kyenawe will/shall meet tomorrow
yɛbɛhyia Wukuadawe will/shall meet on Wednesday
yɛbɛhyia Fiadawe will/shall meet on Friday
ɛnneɛ yɛbɛhyia Dwoadawe will/shall meet on Monday then
yɛntoa so da foforɔlet’s continue (on) another day; let’s continue another time
mepa wo kyɛw, yɛbɛtumi atoa so da foforɔ?please, can we continue (on) another day?; please can we continue another time?
ɛwɔ sɛ mekɔI have to go
m’ani agye yɛn nkɔmmɔ yi hoI’ve enjoyed (this) our conversation
m’ani agye yɛn nkɔmmɔ yi ho pa ara, nanso ɛwɔ sɛ mekɔI’ve really enjoyed (this) our conversation, but I have to go
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