MOTIVATION: Yaa Baby, an American, Speaks Twi Fluently

Much earlier this year, I was in talks with Yaa Baby for an interview to feature on this website. Yaa Baby is an American-born actress based in Ghana who has, over the years, attracted public admiration for her exceptional skill at speaking the Twi dialect of the Akan language.

Our interview began but we could not see it through to the end, unfortunately. Nonetheless, I have been following her quite closely and, this morning, I would like to share with you an interview she granted Pulse Ghana. She answers pretty much most of the questions I would’ve sought to ask in ours.

I am hoping this serves to motivate rather than discourage. She mentions in the video that:

  1. She’s been in the country for quite a long time.
  2. She’s not arrogant (mingles with all kinds of people) and, for that matter, is able to learn from and practise with the many Ghanaian friends she’s made.
  3. She’s married to a Ghanaian

This is not to say you need all the above to become proficient in the language. I feel the above only go to show it will not happen overnight, but it will eventually if you commit to it.

Enjoy the interview below.

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