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Dear Akan learners,

I trust you’re making progress with your studies.

This afternoon, I published a post that sought to introduce to you some websites which, like LearnAkan.Com, provide contents that I believe would help improve your learning of the Akan language.

My hope with this website has been to help as many people as I can to learn to read, write and speak the Akan language from the comfort of their homes. So, the intention behind this afternoon’s post was to help you make the most out of the Akan teaching/learning resources available elsewhere online.


While I’m still committed to the above, I value most the inputs and concerns of each learner here. Following from the concerns I’ve received from some learners here regarding that post, I regret to announce that the post has been taken off the site.

If you need links to the featured websites in that post, please contact me and I’ll promptly forward them to you privately.

We appreciate your continuous visits and feedback. Thank you.


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4 thoughts on “Update | LearnAkan.Com”

    1. Hi Michaela,
      Unfortunately, we currently don’t have it in hard copies. We are working on that but, for now, you may order the e-copy and have it printed out. Sorry 🙁

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