Exciting News!!! The Twi Vocabulary E-book is Almost Ready!

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In this post, I updated you on what I have been working on for a while now. In response to requests from several Twi learners, I mentioned in the post that I have been working on producing the first e-book from LearnAkan.Com. If you missed that update, you may click What I’ve Been Working On to check it out.

The exciting news is, the e-book is almost ready and will be made available on the blog very soon. I promised in that post that I’ll be posting details relating to the table of contents, launch date/time, where and how to access a copy, and other such information in the days leading to the launch. Please find below the details available to me at the moment.


Title: My Twi Vocabulary Companion

Number of Pages: 235

Dimension: 6” x 9″

Format: PDF

Where to get a copy: www.learnakan.com 

Date of launch: Monday, March 6, 2017 (to commemorate Ghana’s 60th anniversary)

Time of launch: 8am Eastern Time (ET) | 1pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Cover page: See this post’s featured image


The remaining details will be given later. The e-book’s title was carefully chosen to reflect how useful I strongly believe it will be for anyone who intends travelling to Ghana, is married to or dating a Twi speaker, has Twi-speaking friends, already speaks Twi but wants to improve on his/her communicative skills, etc. Your companion is here.


UPDATE: The e-book is now available for purchase/download. Please CLICK HERE to visit the sales page.

Meda mo nyinaa ase!


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  1. Steven Quacoo Jr

    Love your lesson on both your website and youtube. I wanted to know if you are going to develop a smartphone app?

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