Hi, my name is Stephen Yaw Awiba and I started the LEARNAKAN in 2016, aimed at promoting the reading, writing, and speaking of the Akan language around the world.

Running LEARNAKAN costs money. And I am counting on the support of cherished users like yourself to keep the project running. If you find the LEARNAKAN project useful, you may contribute any amount at all towards its continuity. To donate:

  1. Please select your preferred currency in the “US Dollars (USD) drop-down menu.
  2. Click to choose any amount on the donation form, or type in a custom amount in the field beneath the amount presets.
  3. Decide whether you’d like to make it a one-time donation or a recurring (monthly) one and click to choose accordingly. You can change/stop this any time.
  4. Click next. Fill in your name, email address.
  5. Click next. Type in your card details, or choose “PayPal” to donate via your PayPal account.

Any amount donated would be appreciated greatly! Thank you in advance.