As a Twi learner, you may have heard a native speaker use an expression that you knew the meanings of all its constituent words but still couldn’t tell what the expression meant overall. This is typically characteristic of proverbs, idioms, and other such sayings. The purpose of LearnAkan Twi Idiom Guide is twofold:

  1. to help you make sense of some key idiomatic expressions in Twi
  2. to equip you to be able to use them yourself when speaking Twi

The guide is intended for use by learners of Twi of all levels. Scroll down for chapter list.


  • Format: PDF/Paperback
  • PDF Dimension: 6″ x 9″
  • Number of Pages: 190
  • Number of Chapters: 20
  • 147 Twi Idioms
  • Must-Know Vocabulary
  • Literal & Figurative Meanings
  • Sentence Usage Examples
  • Themed Chapters


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  • $8 (for the eBook)
  • $12 (for the paper copy Amazon)

Scroll down to see the chapter list.


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Chapter List

  • Chapter 1: Activity Idioms
  • Chapter 2: Behaviour Idioms
  • Chapter 3: Childbearing Idioms
  • Chapter 4: Communication Idioms
  • Chapter 5: Death Idioms
  • Chapter 6: Disorder Idioms
  • Chapter 7: Eating Idioms
  • Chapter 8: Excretion Idioms
  • Chapter 9: Hunger Idioms
  • Chapter 10: Impotence Idioms
  • Chapter 11: Menstruation Idioms
  • Chapter 12: Nudity Idioms
  • Chapter 13: Perception Idioms
  • Chapter 14: Poverty Idioms
  • Chapter 15: Pregnancy Idioms
  • Chapter 16: Sex Idioms
  • Chapter 17: Situation Idioms
  • Chapter 18: Sleep/Rest Idioms
  • Chapter 19: Travel/Movement Idioms
  • Chapter 20: Wealth Idioms

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