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Having taught Twi to persons of diverse backgrounds over the years, I have developed a fair understanding of the needs of the average Twi learner. If there are two introductory phrases to questions that I receive on almost a daily basis, it will be “what is the Twi name for…?” and “how do you say… in Twi?”. This is quite understandable as vocabulary expansion plays a pivotal role in the learning and mastering of any language.


While I’ve sought to address as many vocabulary-related questions from learners as I possibly can on this blog, I believe having a vocabulary handbook of some sort will be of immense help to the learner and myself as well. If you’re serious about speeding up your learning, having a vocabulary guide to resort to on the go will be beneficial. Several learners have made requests for this over the past few months and in response to these, I made it known in this post and this one that I was working on producing the first e-book from LearnAkan.Com.


The big announcement is, the said e-book is ready. All is set for its launch on March 6, 2017. As you read this post, My Twi Vocabulary Companion has already been uploaded onto Gumroad, the platform that will host and automatically deliver to you your copy upon purchase.


My team and I have worked over the months to provide learners around the world – including you – what we consider very useful lessons to help you learn this beautiful language of ours. Our traffic reports, as well as e-mails and comments that we receive on almost a daily basis indicate that this project has and continues to prove useful to thousands across the globe. By purchasing this e-book, you contribute to the continuous running and maintenance of this blog as all proceeds will go into the extension and upgrade of existing plans and the purchase of useful programs for the blog.  And for the countless hours I’ve spent working on the e-book, your purchase will mean a lot.


My Twi Vocabulary Companion presents an extensive list of vocabulary items grouped under various thematic areas. The themes are carefully selected with both the non-Akan speaker and speakers who want to improve their vocabulary in mind. The book includes all the vocabulary lessons on, and much more.


The e-book is ideal for persons travelling to Ghana, married to or dating Twi speakers, having Twi-speaking friends, and Twi speakers who want to expand their vocabulary.


Below is the table of contents:


  • The Akan Alphabet | A Quick Warm-Up
  • The Alphabet
  • Some Word Examples
  • The ‘a’, ‘e’ and ‘o’ Vowels
  • Consonant Digraphs
  • Diphthongs
  • List of Twi Verbs
  • List of Twi Adjectives
  • List of Twi Adverbs
  • Days of The Week
  • Months of The Year
  • The Human Body Parts
  • Colours
  • Directional Terms
  • Foods
  • List of Animals In Twi
  • Diseases
  • Health Terms
  • Family/Relationship Terms
  • Household Items
  • Time Expressions
  • Tools and Equipment
  • List of Twi Antonyms
  • List of Twi Synonyms
  • List of Two-letter Words in Twi
  • Question Words
  • Numbering
  • Myself
  • My Family
  • My Hobby
  • How to Greet and Exchange Pleasantries
  • How to Respond to Greetings
  • Wishes and Seasonal Greetings
  • How to Thank Someone/People
  • How to Respond to a “Thank You”
  • How to Apologise
  • How to Respond to Apologies
  • How to Introduce Yourself
  • Expressions for Making Friends
  • How to Show Interest
  • How to End a Conversation
  • How to Express Yourself on Phone
  • How to Ask for Information
  • How to Say “I Don’t Know”
  • How to Give/Solicit Opinions
  • How to Indicate You Don’t Have an Opinion
  • How to Agree
  • How to Disagree
  • How to Respond to Good News
  • How to Respond to Bad News
  • How to Invite
  • How to Make/Respond to an Offer
  • How to Talk About Likes and Dislikes
  • How to Ask for Directions
  • How to Give Directions
  • At the Hospital
  • How to Make a Suggestion
  • How to Talk/Ask About Professions
  • How to Describe Romantic Relationships
  • How to Talk about Love and Romance
  • How to Seek Clarification
  • How to Ask if You’re Being Understood
  • How to Ask for Help
  • How to Interrupt in a Conversation
  • How to Encourage Someone
  • How to Complain
  • Expressions for Remembering, Reminding and Forgetting
  • How to Express Difficulty/Easiness
  • How to Talk About Age
  • Buying and Selling Expressions
  • How to Talk About Food/Eating
  • How to Talk About Movies/Tv
  • How to Talk About Price/Bargain
  • How to Talk About the Weather
  • How to Express Tiredness
  • How to Promise/Make Resolutions
  • How to Make Excuses for Being Late
  • How to Say Someone is Right
  • How to Say Someone is Wrong
  • How to Say Someone is Smart
  • How to Say Someone is Stupid
  • How to Avoid Answering/Responding to a Question/Statement
  • How to Talk About Someone Being Poor/Rich
  • How to Ask Someone to Wait
  • How to Express Guesses
  • Expressions for Decision-Making
  • Expressions for Good/Bad Luck
  • How to Express Worry and Relief
  • How to Talk About the Future
  • How to Give Compliments
  • How to Express Certainty and Probability
  • How to Show Interest and Disinterest
  • How to Cheer Someone Up
  • How to Express Disbelief
  • Expressions for People with Bad Behaviour
  • How to Describe How a Speech is Made
  • Expressions for Facial Expressions
  • Expressions Used at the Bar
  • How to Make Comparisons

UPDATE: The e-book is now available for purchase/download. Please CLICK HERE to visit the sales page.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Ready! Further Details About The Twi Vocabulary eBook | Learn Akan”

  1. Nanaa Amponsha

    Provide a link or give clear directions for obtaining the book. It’s lost in everything else you are saying. Even label it: How to get the ebook.

    1. Sorry Nanaa, I couldn’t provide a link to its download because it isn’t yet available for download. Like the post says, the ebook will be available on and after 1pm GMT, 8am ET on March 6 (tomorrow). This post was basically to announce the readiness of the ebook and give details about the table of contents which I promised earlier to give in the days leading up to the launch date. Don’t worry, you’ll get to know all you seek by the time the book is launched. Thank you, and catch you tomorrow 🙂

      1. Yaw, I appreciate what you’re doing here, language teacher to language teacher. I love your website and your bright attitude. Keep on keeping on.

  2. Yaw. I’ve been in ghana for 3 months trying to learn twi and just barely found you! Have you thought of different ways to get the word out there? I’ll bet there are more people looking but can’t find it.
    Anyway. I bought the book, thanks. I don’t know how your funding is, but have you thought about a comprehensive dictionary? Even online? I could think of a few people who would buy it.
    Also it would be helpful (at least for me, I don’t know how other’s learn) if you included a literal English translation along with what it’s trying to say… cause I’m confused a lot on the differences between words and what they actually mean.

    Last thing. How could I say “how do you say?” In twi?
    And how could I say ” what do you mean?” In twi?

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