Indefinite Pronouns in Twi | Twi Grammar

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Indefinite pronouns are those that do not refer to specific persons, things, or places. They are “indefinite” because, unlike the definite pronouns, they refer to general rather than specific entities.

Indefinite pronouns in English include any, some, someone, somebody, anybody, everybody, everything, everyone, everywhere, somewhere, something…

This lesson takes a look at the indefinite pronouns that we have in Twi. Be sure to watch the embedded video lesson for help with pronunciation.

Video Lesson

List of Twi Indefinite Pronouns

ebiara; biara

often pronounced /ebiaa; biaa/
(pronoun; determiner)

ebiara yɛ
any is good/okay

onipa biara bɛnyini
every human being will grow

ɔman biara anya corona mmoawa no ho nsunsuansoɔ
every country has had/felt the effects of the coronavirus
ebi; ebinomsomeebi bɛba
some will come

ebi yɛ; ebi nyɛ
some are good; some aren’t good

menni bi
I don’t have some

nnipa binom tirim yɛ den
some people are wicked
obisomeone; somebodyobi wɔ hɔ?
is someone there?

wonim obi wɔ Ghana?
do you know someone from Ghana?

often pronounced /obiaa/
everyone; everybodyobiara bɛwu
everyone will die

Akwasi ne obiara di agorɔ
Akwasi plays with everyone
obi biara

often pronounced /obi biaa/
each and everyone
(‘biara’ as ‘every’)
aban ahyɛ sɛ obi biara ntena fie
the government has ordered that each and everyone stays at home

sɛ Akosua te a, obi biara bɛte
if Akosua hears (about it), each and everyone will hear

often pronounced /biibi/
somethingbiribi reba
something is coming

mewɔ biribi ma wo
I have something for you

often pronounced /biibiaa/
everythingbiribiara bɛba n’awieeɛ
everything will come to its end

ɔhene no wɔ biribiara
the king has everything
biribi biara

often pronounced /biibi biaa/
each and everythingbiribi biara a wobɛhia no, bisa me
each and everything that you will need, ask me

wɔtɔn biribi biara wɔ sotɔɔ no mu
they sell each and everything in the store
baabisomewheremerekɔ baabi
I’m going somewhere

mede too baabi
I placed/put it somewhere

often pronounced /baabiaa/
everywhereKofi atu kwan akɔ baabiara
Kofi has traveled (to) everywhere

ntontom wɔ baabiara
there are mosquitoes everywhere
baabi biara

often pronounced /baabi biaa/
each and everywhereɔnim baabi biara
he/she knows each and everywhere

mehwehwɛɛ baabi biara
I searched each and everywhere

We will look at how we achieve the negatives of the Twi indefinite pronouns in a future lesson.

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