E-book Updates: MP3 Audio Files Now Available to Help with Your Pronunciations.

About a year and a half ago (specifically on March 6, 2017), we launched our very first e-book titled My Twi Vocabulary Companion. Although its title suggests a strict vocabulary piece, buyers would attest to the fact that it was more than that. The 235-paged companion also featured about 73 sections’ worth of phrasebook, with lots of Twi phrases and sentences commonly used in natural conversation settings.

Being our first paid product, we decided to sell My Twi Vocabulary Companion on a pay-what-you-want basis. By this pricing model, buyers could buy the e-book for as low as $1, and as high as any amount they were comfortable paying. We settled on this pricing model for two main reasons:

  1. to get the resource to as many people as possible; to persons who may not have been able to afford a fixed, higher price.
  2. to also provide an avenue for our cherished users to voluntarily support what we do.


We (so much) appreciate the support you’ve shown us thus far. We have been amazed by the price points at which some of you chose to buy the e-book and, in effect, support our course. And it also gives us joy to know the number of persons we have been able to get My Twi Vocabulary Companion to by giving you the opportunity to decide how much you payed for it. And, most important of all, we have been encouraged by the many positive reviews we have received by buyers, and the suggestions to make it even better thereof.

We listened. And, based on your suggestions, we are happy to announce that we have torn apart My Twi Vocabulary Companion, and updated it into two, more specific e-books, with extra contents in each:

  1. Learnakan Vocabulary Companion (202 pages)
  2. LearnAkan Conversational Twi Guide (196 pages).

Not just that, we have also spent the last few months working on MP3 audio versions of the two eBooks above to help with learners’ pronunciation practices, and we’re happy to announce that those are ready, too! The audio features both English and Twi narrations. This means you can use the audio files together with the eBooks for better text-sound experience, or listen to only the audio on the go. There are 45 MP3 files for LearnAkan Vocabulary Companion, and 79 MP3 files for LearnAkan Conversational Twi Guide.

With the e-book and audiobook versions available, new customers will now have the options of buying either, or both at the same time. For existing customers (persons who have bought My Twi Vocabulary Companion in the past), you will be receiving the two new versions (the PDFs) as free updates. Please be on the lookout for them in the inbox of the email address you used to make the purchase. If you need to purchase the audio files to complement the new PDFs, you may do so by visiting https://www.learnakan.com/e-store.

We are very grateful for your continuous support.

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