Asking For and Telling Where You Live in Twi

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This lesson continues our series on asking questions about someone/people, and responding to same about yourself.

In our last lesson in the series, we looked at how to ask where someone is from, and how to tell where you’re from in Twi. Today, we are looking at how to ask someone where he/she lives, and how to tell where you live.

The embedded video lesson below breaks down the expressions used, and provide meanings for their constituent words.

Video Lesson

Asking for Where Someone Lives in Twi

wote he?you live where?
where do you live?
ɛhe na wote?where is it that you live?
where do you live?

Telling Where You Live in Twi

mete KumaseI live in Kumasi
Kumase na mete(ɛ)it is (in) Kumasi that I live
I live in Kumasi
mete NkranI live in Accra
Nkran na mete(ɛ)it is (in) Accra that I live
I live in Accra

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