4 Ways to Ask “What?” in Twi

This is the second lesson in the series on Twi question words. The first lesson sought to introduce the concept of question words, and the two ways they can be used. If you missed that, I advise you check it out here before you take the present lesson.

Today’s lesson takes a look at the question word “what?” in Twi. In all, we’ll look at four ways to ask “what?” in Twi. Some will be used as interrogative pronouns; others as determiners.

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The Question Word “What?” in Twi

Do note that, just as it is in English, we are able to begin our question with a question word, or move it to the end. You’ll find the question words used in both ways in the usage examples below.

interrogative pronoun
Kofi maa wo deɛn?
Kofi gave you what?

(Ɛ)deɛn na Kofi maa wo?
What did Kofi give you?

(Ɛ)deɛn na wopɛ?
What do you want/like?

Wopɛ deɛn?
You want/like what?
placed after the noun it modifies

placed before the noun it modifies
Woyɛ adwuma bɛn?
You do what work?

Adwuma bɛn na woyɛ?
What work do you do?

Woyɛ deɛn adwuma?
You do what work?

(ɛ)deɛn adwuma na woyɛ?
What work do you do?

Akwadaa bɛn koraa ni?
What child at all is this?

Deɛn akwadaa koraa ni?
What child at all is this?
interrogative pronoun
Ɛyɛ deɛbɛn?
It is what?; What is it?

(Ɛ)deɛbɛn ni?
What is this?
sɛn?what?Wo din de sɛn?
Your name is what?

Kwabena ba no din de sɛn?
Kwabena’s child’s name is what?

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